Friday, April 1, 2011

6 Strategies to Selling Your Home Without a Realtor!

Atlanta - Selling your home "by owner" in today's market place is simpler then ever without all the cost or hassles.
  1. ACCESSIBILITY - the more the home is shown the faster the home will sell.  Holding your home open every weekend that you are home is critical to getting your property sold.

  2. LOCATION - the old saying Location, Location, Location is still valid in today's real estate market.  As a homeowner you can not change the location of the property, however, you can change the asking price to compensate for either a quality location or poor location.

  3. MARKET CONDITION - the number of buyers in the market place at any given time.  Lots of homes on market equals buyer's market, while fewer home on market dictates a seller's market.

  4. CONDITION - Is the property show ready?  Condition updated?  Does the property have hardwood floors, granite counter tops, or worn carpet and laminate counters?  Pricing your home according to the property condition is important to getting your home sold.

  5. PRICE - Pricing your home 10% below your competition gives the homeowner the competitive edge they need to getting their home sold.

  6. MARKETING - Just about every buyer is searching the top real estate sites for properties for sale.  If your home is not listed on these internet sites you are missing over 90% of the buyers.
Today's savvy homeowners are marketing their properties on the same top Real Estate sites that Realtors use without having to give up their "by owner" status or pay a 6-7% commission to a Realtor to list their property.  

Homeowners that advertise their properties for sale as "broker protected" may now list their property on the same Realtor's MLS and on all the top Real Estate sites including for a Flat Listing Fee.  At closing the Seller pays a commission (3% +/-) to the agent that brings them a qualified buyer.  

Homeowners also keep their "by owner" status and show and sell their properties themselves.  If the owners sell their property to a buyer not working with an agent they pay NO COMMISSION!

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