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Hire a Traditional Real Estate Agent without ALL The Cost!

Full Service Seller Representation

While some homeowners feel comfortable selling their homes themselves, others do not.  At Total Choice Realty we provide our homeowners with choices that fits their needs and level of expertise.

Having an experienced broker in your corner during contract negotiations can make the difference in thousands of dollars in savings and in many cases, is the reason a deal makes it to closing. Realtors respond better when negotiating with another licensed professional and you are less likely to be taken advantage of as well.

If you would like Total Choice Realty to represent your interest in the sale of your home we will:
  •  Negotiate the offer on your behalf
  •  Write and counter the offer for you 
  •  Calculate your Seller's net sheet
  •  Negotiate the home inspection report 
  •  Schedule the closing
  •  Submit documents to the closing attorney
  •  Review the HUD-1 Settlement Statement prior to closing
Our Seller Representation is an additional 0.005 (1/2%) of the sale price for a total of 1% of the sale price at closing. 

You may add our Full Service Seller Representation to any of our listing packages at anytime - whether you find the buyer yourself or if there is a buyer's agent involved in the sale.  

The choice is yours.  If you have any additional questions about either our seller representation services or listing your property, contact us anytime.

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What is the Multiple Listin Service?

What is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

All real estate companies across the United States have the same access to a multiple listing service. While different real estate companies choose different MLS services, the services all have the same goal – give active real estate brokers information on current properties. MLS services provide information such as number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, property features, and more. MLS also allows pictures to be posted with the property description. The MLS saves buyers time since they are able to select homes on the Internet or in a real estate office prior to actually visiting properties.

Listing Agent Motives (Traditional Real Estate Brokers)

The first priority of the Listing Agent is to list your home on a multiple listing service (MLS/FMLS). Most Listing Agents will tell you that their first goal is to get your home sold and that they will do everything in their power to make this happen. However, according to the National Association of Realtors, the basic complaints Sellers have about their listing agent are:

1. The Listing Agent listed the property and was never seen or heard from again.
2. The Listing Agent never actually showed the property.
3. All the Listing Agent accomplished was placing property on the MLS, placing a sign in the yard, and providing a lockbox.

Consumers now understand that they are paying for two real estate agents to sell their home when only one of the agents does the majority of the work – the agent that brings the buyer. Homeowners are fighting back and Total Choice Realty gives you the tools you need to WIN!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Least Effective Way to Market Your Home By Owner

Least Effective to Market Your Home for Sale By Owner

We have all seen the "For Sale by Owner" signs. On the surface, it looks so easy. Just place a sign in the yard, wait for the calls, and sell the property for the highest dollar to the most qualified buyer. In reality, this is not exactly the road that most "FSBO’s" follow. The fact is 90% of all homes sold are through the Multiple Listing Service. The "MLS" service will be explained, in detail, in the next chapter. 

In-depth research from sources such as television shows like
20/20, 60 Minutes, and Prime Time along with both Realtor Associations and Consumer-Awareness Survey Companies have shown that most buyers want to utilize the assistance of a real estate agent when purchasing property. These same sources have also reported that the majority of homeowners that attempt to market and sell their property eventually contract with a real estate broker to list their home.

Why is this? Once you place a sign in your yard, the majority of inquiries will be from real estate agents wanting to list your property.

The second most popular inquiries will be from people wanting to lease/purchase, rent, or finance the property from you. Then there are those buyers that are working with a real estate agent who happen to stumble across your property. Even if you are willing to "protect" agents, the fact that the agent may not have access to your home the minute a buyer sees your sign and that the agent has no information about your home readily available, may deter the agent from getting actively involved in the transaction. Therefore, you could possibly lose potential buyers.

So, instead of worrying about "protecting agents," why not give Total Choice Realty the opportunity to protect you! Let’s look at the second way to sell your property.

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Most Expensive Way to Market Your Home for Sale By Owner

Most Expensive Way to Market Your Home for Sale By Owner

Hiring a "traditional" real estate company will cost you between six to seven percent (6-7%) commission at the closing table. Let’s examine some hard figures in an effort to gain a clearer perspective on why you should seriously consider Total Choice Realty to list your property.

When a homeowner decides to list their property with a traditional real estate broker, he/she considerably reduces profits received at the closing table. If your home sells for $200,000 and you pay 6% in commission, you are going to be paying
$12,000 to real estate agents!

So, homeowners face two challenges:

     1) 90% of all homes sold are SOLD through the MLS; and
     2) Listing property through a traditional real estate company is expensive.

Total Choice Realty is your Total Solution. Hire us for a fraction of the cost, have your property listed on MLS, and retain the rights to show, sell, and advertise your property.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why Use a Seller's Agent to Sell Your Home?

When a homeowner is ready to sell their home, several options exist with regard to marketing the property. Making the right decision is crucial: do you try and sell the property yourself to save on time and commission, or should you work with a professional agent?

Remember that one of the most important considerations is getting out the word that the home is for sale. You can do this by word of mouth, newspaper and internet ads, or by listing the property with Multiple Listing Services, or MLS.  In order to use MLS, you must employ a licensed realtor. You can either hire the realtor to list your property on the MLS for a flat fee, or you can hire an agent to represent you for a commission based upon the sales price of your home.

There are several advantages to hiring a sellers agent in Atlanta. One is the personal attention the agent brings to the property. The agent does not get paid unless the property sells, so the agent is motivated to maximize the possibility of a sale. This includes suggestions on how to market the home, how to make it look more desirable, and how to enhance the sales price. A sellers agent in Atlanta also takes on all responsibility for showing the property to potential buyers. The agent screens potential buyers to ensure that only qualified buyers look at the property. The property will reach a wider audience through the use of a licensed sellers agent Georgia. Seller representation Georgia provides an excellent opportunity to sell your home.

A sellers agent makes life easier for the homeowner. The property owner is now free to focus on other matters in their life, while the agent works on selling the property. The agent receives feedback from potential buyers about the good and bad aspects of the home. The agent passes this information along to the homeowner, and makes suggestions to improve the home.

The real estate commission can amount to a significant amount, and on occasion, the agent makes a quick sale. This makes it appear that the sellers agent has made a large amount of money for a small amount of work. The truth is the homeowner is paying for a service. That service is the sale of his home. The homeowner should not worry about how long it takes to perform the service. Seller representation Atlanta involves considerable work leading up to that sale. In fact, if the property sells quickly, it benefits the homeowner.

Before selling your property, make sure you work with an agent that has the experience and knowledge of the Metro Atlanta Georgia area. The sign of a professional sellers agent is one who puts your interests as a homeowner first, instead of someone who chases after commissions as quickly as they can.

Carolyn West is an experienced real estate agent in the Metro Atlanta area. With 16 years in the real estate industry as a closing coordinator, coach and trainer and owner/operator, Carolyn has what it takes to not only list and market your property but to assist with every step of the home selling process. Find out more by visiting or contacting Carolyn directly at 770-716-5009.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Flat Fee Companies are NOT the Same!


Flat Fee Companies that show a national map or multiple states are lead generation companies. They are not license in Georgia and are not members of our Multiple Listing Service (GAMLS and FMLS).  These companies will resale your lead to a license Georgia Real Estate Broker to service the listing.  You loose total control in what agency will list the property and what services they actually provide.
Almost all Flat Fee companies use your listing to work buyers.  Buyers will call the listing agency that has the property listed and the listing agency will show your property. All buyer leads will go to their buyer's agents and not the homeowner. 

To ensure buyers are reaching you.  We will provide you with a customized 'For Sale By Owner' yard sign with your phone number, brochure box and flyers.  Buyers will call you direct to see your home.
When choosing a Flat Fee company don't be fooled by low fees.  Companies that do not charge a small backend fee are not listing your property in the FMLS which charges a service fee at closing.

Don’t assume all Flat Fee Companies are all the same.  You may end up paying for more than what you bargain for while loosing valuable buyers by not being listed in the correct MLS system.

Our Pledge to You . . .
  • We will list your property in both the GAMLS, FMLS plus add a feature listing on
  • Your listing will be added to multiple real estate sites - including agents sites that provide public access to the MLS
  • We work on your behalf as your Real Estate Consultant. You will never be alone in the sale of your home.
  • As part of our unique service we will present and review all offers with you
  • We are available to answer any questions you may have from marketing through closing.
  • We work closely with buyer's agents throughout the Atlanta area providing them with the information they need to successfully sell your home
  • We will provide a professional customized 'Owner's Yard Sign' with owner's phone number
  • Brochure box - keep it full 
  • Choose from 3 different Flyer templates with your phone number listed as the contact person 
  • Your own personal web page and URL on our site
  • Unique URL and QR scanner directing buyers directly to your web page 
  • Homeowners keep their 'by owner status' and continue to show and sell their property themselves
  •  If you sell your properties to a buyer not working with a buyer's agent you pay NO COMMISSION
  • Access to the Georgia Real Estate contracts and disclosures forms
  • We will upload your Seller's Property Disclosure, plats and/or floor plan into the FMLS so agents have access to your information at all times
  • We are a Georgia Brokerage certified and licensed by the Georgia Real Estate Commission
  • We have been in business since 1999
  • Our office is located in the Atlanta area
  • We maintain an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau
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