Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why Pay 6-7% Commission?

Atlanta Real Estate.  I received a call yesterday from a homeowner stating that he paid his LISTing agent $24,000 to LIST the property and the property sold in 1 day.  He asked me why he had to pay so much for so little work?  After all $24,000 is a cost of a new car, college tuition or even retirement.

There is no reason to hire a traditional real estate company to LIST your property in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  Agents have scared homeowners over the years to believe SELLing a home is rocket science.

Today thanks to the Internet.  Homeowners have alternative choices on how they can LIST their properties in the MLS.  One of the choices they have is to LIST their homes with for a Flat Fee Listing Broker. The homeowner pay the Listing Broker a nominal marketing fee to LIST their property in the MLS.

In many cases the homeowner also reserve the right to continue to show and sell their properties themselves.  If the owner sell their property to a buyer not working with an agent they SAVE the buyer's agent's commission and pay NO COMMISSION at closing.

By using the Flat Fee Listing Broker the homeowner pays only 1 agent; the agent that brings them a qualified buyer a commission at closing usually around 3%.  The homeowner SAVES the LISTing commission that would have gone to the Listing agent at closing to LIST the property in the MLS.

Think about the terms used.  LISTing agents LIST the home.  The SELLing agent SELLS the home.  Homeowners pay only 1 agent that actually brings the buyer and not two agents.

In today's real estate market it really does not make sense to LIST your property with a traditional agent, unless you can't use $24,000 toward your retirement, your kids tuition or even to purchase a new car.

For more information go to: GAforSaleByOwner.com

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