Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Important is Condition?

The fact is Buyers will buy homes in the Best Condition at the Best Price!

Much like buying a used car vs a new car for that new car smell.  Selling a home is no different. 
Condition Sells!

Look at your home through a buyer’s eye and you will begin to see what a buyer see.  Bring an objective friend along for your tour. 

Starting with your curb appeal.  How does your home stack up to the neighborhood?  The Buyer’s first impressions of your home are from the front seat of the car.  So get in your car and drive upto your home as if you were seeing the home for the first time as a buyer.

Does the driveway need pressure washing? Do the cracks in the driveway need to be filled?  What about the landscaping?  Is it fresh and inviting? 

While you are pressing washing the driveway don’t forget to pressure wash the house.  If needed give the windowsills and doorway a fresh coat of paint.  First impressions are everything.

Upon entering the home is the foyer fresh and unclutter?   Are the kids toys pick-up? A foyer clutter with book bags and shoes says, “This house is too small, not enough storage!”

Your kitchen and bathrooms must shine.  You need to give your home extra care especially when selling a home.  Hide all your personal belongings.  Put the hair dryer and makeup up.  Pick-up toys, clothes, Fido’s, and Kitty dishes. Don’t forget the litter box.  Remember that new car smell apply to homes too?

Keep walking though your home as if you are a buyer.  Buyers want to see neat clean closets.  Are the closets over stack with stuff?  Clean them out!  De-clutter, De-clutter, De-clutter is the key to showcasing your home. 

Take the time and energy before you place your property on market to make your home showcase ready.  Or expect to see longer days on market and a much lower price at closing.

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