Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Open Houses SELLS Home!

Open Houses Sell Homes!

Holding an open house introduces potential buyers to your property.  Including neighbors that might know someone looking to move into the area.  Potential buyers check out neighborhoods on weekend, this is the best time to home an Open House.  You never know where the buyer is looking. 
Open Houses Sells 

Homeowners that hire a traditional agent expect their agent to advertise and hold their property open.  The fact is agents are NOT going to hold your property open every weekend (they have a life and family too).   If you list your property with a traditional agent you lose the right to show and sell your property yourself.   So why are you paying an agent 6-7% commission to show and sell your property when they don’t have time to hold your property open?

With Total Choice Realty’s Flat Fee MLS Listing Service, homeowners reserve the right to show and sell their properties themselves.  If they sell their property to a buyer not working with an agent they pay NO COMMISSION! 

Homeowners that hold their properties open every weekend are selling their home faster than homes that are listed with a traditional agent.

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