Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mom Died at 80 - What Do We Do With Dad?

A year ago my mother passed away from lung cancer she was 80 years old.  Mom wasn't suppose to die first - that was never our plan.  She was to live to be 100 and enjoy her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

My parents live in New Jersey in their home for over 50+ years.  At the time of Mom's death, Dad was 87 he is a diabetic and had his right leg amputated 10 years earlier.  Dad is totally dependant on aides to do everything for him.  My parents wishes were clear - Dad was to remain in their home.  He was not to go to a nursing facility (that would have been too easy on all of us, I am one of 6 children).

So for a year now I have been traveling back and forth between Atlanta and New Jersey taking care of Dad's needs.  My baby sister (who lives near my parents) and I takes turns every 2 weeks running his household, maintaining the help, running to the bank and doing the grocery shopping and cooking.  Dad is now 88 years old. 

He is doing well considering his health issues and needs.  He is lonely yet he is never alone. 

Since my business is Internet based I have been able for the past year to service my clients while taking care of Dad.  I am very happy and content with the way things are going.  My clients are wonderful people with parents of their own and have supported me throughout the past year. 

I wanted to take the time this morning to thank everyone for their support and well wishes.  Human nature is amazing.  People you know and helped over the years have come to help me and my family.  We are very blessed. 

Thank you for all your support.

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Robert King said...


I'm sure that your Mother would be proud of the way you've stepped in to take care of your father.

God Bless.