Friday, October 8, 2010

Traditional Real Estate vs Flat Fee Listing

In a traditional real estate transaction there are usually two agents involved in the transaction. The LISTing Broker LIST the property in the MLS and the SELLing Broker brings the Buyer.
Let's say at the time of LISTing the commission is negotiated at 6%. At closing 3% will go to the LISTing Broker to LIST the property and 3% will go to the SELLing Broker that brings the Buyer.

Total Choice Realty's Flat Fee Listing Services offers the homeowner an alternative method of marketing their property by charging a Flat Listing Fee instead of 3% to LIST the property in the MLS. The homeowner pays one agent at closing. Saving the seller upto 3% on the LISTing side of the transaction.

The homeowner also retains their 'By Owner' status and shows and sells their property themselves. If they sell the property to a Buyer NOT working with an agent they pay NO COMMISSION!

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