Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Showcase Your Property with Photos!

Internet marketing is the buyer's first impression of your propery.  The old saying 'A picture is worth a thousand words' can either make or break the buyer's first impression of your home.
If you are planning on taking your own photos here are a few tips to getting quality photos. . .
Use a high quality digital camera not your camera phone
Use a wide angle lens and correct lighting.  Dark and dingy photos will mean longer days on market.

Wait for a sunny dayThe best exterior photos of the home is when the sun is on the front of the house and the sky is blue.

Shoot during daylight Interior photos should be taken during daylight hours to provide the best lighting conditions. Turn the lights on in every room and use the camera’s automatic flash. .

Avoid glareA trick to avoid glare point the camera at the window and hold your shutter part way down.  When your camera adjust to the lighting pivot into the room and take your interior shot.  Don't shoot directly into a mirror or light.

Be still To avoid blurry or poor quality photos, hold your camera still when taking photos.  Turn off the ceiling fan (clean blades).

Rooms to showcaseBuyers want to see the living areas, kitchen, breakfast area, dining room, master bedroom, master bath and basement plus the exterior front, back and backyard photos. 

Arrange your photos as if you are walking through the front doorPhotograph your home in the same order as if you were walking through the front door. Starts with the front exterior, moves to the foyer, living, dining room, kitchen, family room, master bedroom, master bathroom, basement, exterior back, pool, backyard and gardens.

Showcase your propertyIn order to get the best photos rearrange some of your furniture. Clean off countertops, and refrigerator.  Remove personal items and photos.  Remove pets and children toys.  Stage your home like a magazine cover.   Take photos of the rooms selling points, for example remove the rug to showcase the hardwood floors.

With over 90% of all buyers searching the internet for homes.  Taking quality photos can either make or break the buyers first impression of your home.

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