Monday, October 11, 2010

To Stage or Not to Stage?

To Stage or Not to Stage?  That is the question of the day  . . .

Staging a home is a quick and easy way to getting your home SOLD.  The secret is to declutter and neutralize the space.  A home that is well staged simple sells faster and at a higher price than homes that are not staged.

What exactly is staging?  Staging is simply creating an atmosphere of space so buyers can see themselves in the home.

Usually the homeowner can use furniture they currently have on hand - however if the furniture is old and outdated there are some quick and easy fixes. 

Staging Makes Sales!
Sofas and chairs can be covered, remove the table cloth in the dinning room to streamline the table, remove the top hutch to your china cabinet also create space and makes the room more spacious. 

Remove personal photos and your collectibles. Declutter is the key to good staged home. In the Kitchen, remove the refrigerator magnets, photos and the cereal boxes from the top of the refrigerator. Clear the countertops, pick-up Fido’s dishes and Kitty’s litter box. 

Remove oversized furniture and rugs to showcase the hardwood floors underneath.  Heavy curtains make the room drab and dark - let in the sunshine and your home will shine.

Vacant homes can easily be staged by adding colors and a few items back into the home.  Add colorful towels in the bathroom, old perfume bottles, and shower curtain in the bath. In the kitchen add a few cookbooks and place settings or a bowl of fruit on the counter. In the family room lean a mirror or painting on the fireplace; adding a chair and book is a simple way to stage a vacant property. 

Staging your home in today’s market is a great way to getting your home SOLD take the time and effort now to stage your property.  You will be surprised as to how quickly your home will sell.

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