Sunday, March 20, 2011

Atlanta Real Estate Broker Protected

Consumer Confidence

Homeowners are more willing than ever to “protect” agents. As a matter of fact, the common response from a homeowner to an agent seeking a listing is, “Bring me a buyer and I will pay you a commission.” As a homeowner considering or already attempting to sell your home, you can probably completely relate.
"Agent Protected"

With Total Choice Realty, the buyer’s agent can bring you a buyer. You can also conduct your own marketing campaign, and if you find a buyer on your own, you save a commission. If you list your property with a traditional real estate broker and find your own buyer, you still have to pay the 6-7% commission. It doesn’t seem quite fair or logical, does it? Of course not! At Total Choice Realty we do not expect to receive money from your efforts.

Consumer confidence in the real estate profession has diminished 30% since 2000. The reason for this is complex and based mostly on service (or lack thereof). Consumers are beginning to demand to be shown more in-depth services besides a sign in the yard and a lockbox on the door.
This is where Total Choice Realty comes into the picture.

Total Choice Realty receives a flat fee for the same services that consumers know they are receiving from a traditional real estate broker at a much higher price. ALL of our flat fee packages include a yard sign customized with the homeowner phone number. You will receive a flyer box (keep it full), flyer templates listing you as the contact person, and all the real estate forms and disclosures you need. We only utilize the official Georgia Association of Realtor forms.

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