Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tips for Working With Buyer Agents

Tips for Working With Buyer Agents in Real Estate

Occasionally a real estate agent will make an appointment to show your home and then stand you up. This happens for several reasons. 1) You were not the first home on the tour and the buyers wanted to make an offer on the first house they viewed. 2) The realtor schedules appointments, sets his/her entire day aside to spend with buyers that do not show up for their appointment. 3) The agent over scheduled the tour and daylight hours have disappeared.              

Working with Buyer Agents 
No matter the reason, this is very frustrating for you. We have asked that you keep a log of all agents calling to see your home. If an agent schedules an appointment and you decide to stay home instead of leaving, you need to contact the agent if more than thirty minutes has passed from your agreed upon time.

Let us examine the reasons for you to excuse yourself during all showings, if possible. First, buyer’s agents will corner you and begin asking questions that may curb a buyer’s excitement about your property. While you do not want to hide any defects regarding the property, you also do not want to blow the chances of a buyer making an offer to purchase. Second, buyers are out to shop. If you are present, buyers will not open cabinets, drawers, and go through the attic or basement. This is because they feel as if they are intruding upon your space instead of inspecting “a house” for purchase. Remember, stage your property as just that – property for sale.

Most homeowners do not want to be present during appointments. Whether you are present or not, it is wise to set up a “work station” on your dining room table for agents. This station should include a basket for their business card and a 3-ring binder with copies of the following: Sellers Disclosure, Termite Letter, Appraisal, Pre-inspection, Legal Description, and any other community information you wish to share. It is a good idea to place these items in a notebook with sheet protectors so that agents do not walk away with your copies.

Important Note: You may want to post signs at all doors reminding real estate agents to turn off lights and lock all doors when leaving. It is also a good idea to board your family pets or take them to a neighbor’s house for the day. We recommend this during all Open House events, too. Relying on real estate agents to ensure your pets don’t escape is not the best idea. Unfortunately this happens in the field too often. Keep your pets and property safe!

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