Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Showcasing Your By Owner Property to SELL!

From the time a buyer drives up to your driveway from the time they leave, they should feel as though they could live in your house. The goal for selling all real estate, no matter the price range, is for a property to look good, feel good, smell good and to be priced right. If any of the first three requirements cannot be met, the price needs to be adjusted accordingly. Therefore, you want to clean every inch of your property from front to back. Even in cases where a house is in need of upgrades, if the property is clean it will show better and a buyer can view the changes they would make if they lived there.

Show case to Sell!
Cleaning should include touching up walls with paint, shampooing carpets, replacing burned out light bulbs, replacing front and back doormats, and packing away clutter. Invite friends over and ask their opinion about what you should pack away. You also may want their advice on furniture placement, drapes that need to come down, and any other items that may impede a buyer from making an offer to purchase. Remember – once you decide to sell, your home must transform into property for sale. This means that you must detach from all personal attachments to the home. Stay focused on your goal, which is to move and build new memories.

Painting is a tricky item. You want your home to appear neutral. On the other hand, if you have beautiful paint that shows well but is not necessarily neutral, it may or may not be beneficial to make changes. Again, ask a trusted neighbor or friend. You can also invite feedback from the very first prospects. Tell them that your feelings will not be hurt; you simply want to improve the property. Listen carefully to objections and if you offer to paint, you just may find yourself in negotiations. You most definitely want to paint walls, staircases, and other areas that are in obvious need of touching up.

You need to have buyers at “Hello!” This means that yards need to look their very best regardless of the season. Fresh pine straw should be placed in and around all flowerbeds. In addition, sticks, leaves, and other yard “litter” should be raked, bagged, and discarded. Dead plants should be removed and replaced, if the season permits, with live ones. Adding color to landscaping, even if the yard is not professionally maintained, is a huge bonus. Placing pots of flowers or plants on either side of the front door is always inviting.

If you have animals, especially dogs, make sure that all feces are picked up and discarded properly. You do not want buyers stepping in messes in the yard. Also, if there are cigarette butts, children’s toys, or any other clutter in the yard, you will want to clear those items. Storing children’s toys in crates in the garage is a great way to keep areas tidy. This also makes toys accessible when buyers are not visiting.

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