Sunday, March 13, 2011

Seven Reason Why You Should Hire Our Flat Fee Listing Service

Seven Reasons Why You Should Hire US! S-E-R-V-I-C-E

Since we are a Georgia owned and operated real estate brokerage, we understand the culture of Georgia real estate. Not all flat fee companies are locally owned and operated. The benefit of hiring us is that we have worked in the Georgia real estate market and understand the minds of local buyers. We will help you sell your home – your way.                                                                                                  

Equity is your profit from the sale of your home. We do not want to take anymore than what we feel is fair. Paying Total Choice Realty a flat fee will accomplish your goals and save you money.

Flat Fee MLS Listing 
Real estate is NOT rocket science. We understand that you may be feeling overwhelmed or, at the very least, apprehensive about selling your property on your own. The great thing about hiring Total Choice Realty is that we are accessible as often as needed. We will hold your hand as much or as little as you decide. Again – the choice is up to you.

Very few traditional realtors take extra steps in marketing your property unless you are in the high-dollar category, meaning your property will sell for $500K or more. At Total Choice we do not limit our marketing information or categorize it. You will receive all the tools you need to sell your property. We do not charge an extra fee for this service. WE feel it is our responsibility to help you meet your goals.

Inside and out – these are the areas of your property that are going to need attention. Traditional realtors are going to charge you 6% commission to go over steps to make your home more desirable to buyers. We are providing these tips to you NOW. WE want to earn your business and your trust – your total trust.

Contract to Closing – we are with you every step of the way. If you have a question, you can email, fax, or telephone our office. At Total Choice you speak with us – the owners – not a telemarketing desk reading answers to your questions from a script. Total Choice = Total Service.

Extra care is what we will take with your listing. You will not receive the “traditional” real estate service because we feel the “traditional” way is not the best way to meet your needs.

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