Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BEWARE! Not ALL Atlanta Flat Fee Companies are the Same!

Georgia Flat Fee

Flat Fee Companies are NOT the Same! 
Flat Fee Companies that show a national map or multiple states are lead generation companies. They are not license in Georgia and are not members of our Multiple Listing Service (GAMLS and FMLS). 

These companies will resale your lead to a license Georgia Real Estate Broker to service the listing.  You loose total control in what agency will list the property and what services they actually provide.
Almost all Flat Fee companies use your listing to work buyers.  Buyers will call the listing agency that has the property listed and the listing agency will show your property, all buyer leads will go to their buyer's agents and not the homeowner. 

By using Total Choice Realty's Flat Fee Listing Service we will provide you with a customized 'For Sale By Owner' yard sign and a brochure box FREE of charge.  Buyers will call you direct to see your home.
When choosing a Flat Fee company don't be fooled by low fees. Compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.  Don’t assume they are all the same.  You may end up paying for more than what you bargain for and loosing valuable buyers.

For more information go to: GAforSaleByOwner.com

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